Epic Fail, coconut break with Karate Chop

4 years ago2,2711 0

Well this was a pretty hardcore failure. Tried the break 3 times and declared the coconut victorious. So as any professional loser would do, I used a Samurai sword to cut that sucker in half. It felt really good.

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Explosive tour of Star Citizen’s ArcCorp Area 18.

4 years ago2,7681 0

Back at Star Citizen 3.5. Continuing where we left off, in bed, trapped in a Russian Doll of repeated deaths until I finally figured out how to escape and get down the elevator alive. ArcCorp is huge now. Like the size of a Mass Effect chapter in size. So we go exploring. The subway on […]

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Star Citizen 3.5 trapped in ArcCorp

4 years ago2,4411 0

It’s been a while since I jumped into the Pilot seat in Star Citizen. It was possibly since 3.2 was out. So I’m a bit rusty and there’s been a lot of amazing changes. Some though, not so good, like how Throttle is handled. But I’m cool with that because it was easily fixed once […]

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Elite Dangerous Vs Star Citizen

Elite Dangerous Vs Star Citizen Ship Handling Redux

4 years ago2,3941 0

This is one of my most popular videos in the Elite Dangerous Vs Star Citizen comparisons. It’s an older video but still, one of the best ones I’ve done in this style.

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Fruit Ninja VR

4 years ago2,6401 0

THis was my first attempt at VR with the HTC Vive Pro and the Wireless adapter. So much immersion I am scared.

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elite dangerous limpets

I Got Limpets!

4 years ago2,3351 0

Here’s an older video I did in Elite Dangerous. Limpets were new and crazy back then. Despite their weird name they’re so helpful. Here’s how to get your limpet on.

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